Hanwell Lite Temperature Monitoring System

hanwell lite

Hanwell Lite

The Hanwell Lite system is ideal for small operations where temperature monitoring is a must but the cost needs to be affordable. With the Hanwell Lite Kit you can have a system up and running in 5 simple steps.

  • No technical expertise required

  • Affordable 24/7 temperature monitoring

  • 5 simple steps for installation

  • Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP

  • Cloud Based Monitoring System

  • No software required

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Simple Steps

Hanwell Icespy System

Hanwell IceSpy

The Hanwell IcSpy temperature monitoring system offers added benefits over the Hanwell Lite system, the Icespy Notion Pro system allows you to add more than 10 sensors to your system with a wider variety of sensors and alarm features available.

The Icespy Notion Pro system allows you to store your data locally on your own PC and comes with all the software you need to get you started.

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5 Days

Email & SMS Alerts            Battery Backup          Sensors Per Base          Audit Trail

Icespy System 5

Icespy System 5

Many of you may still have an Icespy system 5 temperature monitoring system installation in place. We will continue to support the Icespy system 5 system and hybrid systems into the future. We can supply you with new sensors at a reduced rate when your Icespy Scout sensor batteries are depleted. All of the external sensors and many other parts are backwards compatible between Hanwell Icespy and Icespy System 5 should you wish to replace transmitters etc, the cost will be much lower. We will continue to provide remote support and customer training for all Icespy systems including the RL systems for many years to come.

We do have a limited stock of new and used Icespy equipment, please feel free to contact us about any parts or equipment you may need.

Want your system calibrated?

On site and workshop calibrations

UKAS or Traceable certification

We can carry out sensor calibrations either on site or in our workshop from -80°C to +140°c

Want more sensors?

Expand your system

We can provide

Extra sensors to add to your system.

Need to move your system?

Had a new PC installed?

We can move your system for you!

To a new PC with no loss of data

Continued Remote Support

We will take good care of your system

Customer Training

New staff need training? No problem

Icespy RL System

Icespy system 4 has been running for over 15 year and has proved itself for many of our customers.

Many of our customers continue to use it either with the original RL collection unit displayed in the picture on the left or as a hybrid system with the system 5 base units combined with the RL Icespy MRT units. We will continue to support and maintain Icespy RL systems dependent on parts availability.

Please call us on 0203 4881030 or email us at info@thermal-systems.co.uk if you require and Icespy RL parts or equipment.