How Hanwell IceSpy Works

The Hanwell IceSpy Systems use the Hanwell EMS software that can be installed on a server and used either locally, via your intranet or online. The system allows users to log in and view their data via a web browser. You can choose to host your own data on your own server or we can provide data storage and hosting for you.

Step 1 . Connect your receiver to the ethernet port (your network socket).

Step 2 . Connect the backup battery.

Step 3 . Connect the power cable.

Step 4 . Switch on the sensors.

Step 5 . Install the EMS software on server according to the installation manual.

Step 6 . Configure your sensor descriptions and alarm settings.

Please Log In to our Demo system to view the Hanwell IceSpy features:

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Username = Demo User

Password = Demo

Sensors Per Base Unit
Minute Live Data
Years Of Wireless Technology
Days Battery Backup

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