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  • The Hanwell Lite system includes everything you need to get going with recording your temperatures.

  • The kit includes 3 x Hanwell Lite wireless temperature sensors and an Hanwell Lite networked cloud receiver.

  • No software is required, just an internet connection.

  • SMS alerts

  • Email alarms

  • Data export

  • Multiple user accounts and many more.

The Hanwell Lite wireless temperature monitoring kit is an ideal solution for either replacing a dated monitoring system or for small applications that require no technical experience to operate.

The Hanwell Lite system starter kit comes with a 10 sensor license, maximum of 30 sensors.

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The Icespy system 5 temperature monitoring system has mostly been replaced by the Hanwell IceSpy system now.

You can however order a Hanwell IceSpy Hybrid network receiver that is backwards compatible with existing IceSpy system 5 scouts.

This enables existing IceSpy customers with an upgrade route that is cost effective whilst also enabling the use of the latest web based software called EMS.

If you have an IceSpy system that you wish to upgrade or just simply want serviced please contact us on 0203 488 1030 for more information.

We will continue to support Icespy system 5 and hybrid systems for the foreseeable future.

We will also continue to service the Icespy RL system 4.

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The Hanwell Icespy temperature monitoring system offers added benefits over the Hanwell Lite system.

Hanwell IceSpy allows you to add more than 200+ sensors to your system with a wider variety of sensors and alarm features available including:

relative humidity, C02, Volts, Amps, Pressure, Flow rates and many more.

The latest web based software “Hanwell EMS” allows you to host your own software and store your own data giving control back to the users

Feature rich web based software and online help documentation.

Fore more information or to book a demo of the system please contact us on 0203 488 1030.

Alternatively click “Learn more” to view our online live demo system.

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